The Number 666

Can we find the prophesied number 666 and real evidence of the "Mark" of the beast today?  I have pulled excerpts below from a good resource for you if you are interested in digging deeper.  The resource is End Times Truth.

The predictions in the Bible that describe the Mark of the Beast and the Number of the Beast have been among the most fascinating end times prophecies for many generations.  In the years immediately following the time of the Apostles, the early church wondered about these prophecies and tried to figure out what they meant. 

These predictions, which are exclusively found in the book of Revelation, were written down by the Apostle John around the year 95 A.D. when he was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos.  At that time, he had a vision of two frightening beasts that would arise in close succession.  The first beast John described as coming out of the sea, while the second beast he saw coming out of the earth.  These beasts in some mysterious way would have the number 666 intimately associated with them.

The Number of the Beast

n the centuries that followed the writing of Revelation, countless writers and preachers have tried to interpret John’s vision, speculating what the Number of the Beast could mean, but without success.  The prophetic descriptions of the Mark and the peculiar number 666 became among the most well-known of all the prophecies in the Bible.  There even developed a certain obsession related to this prediction.  No Christians wanted to be associated with anything that even remotely reminded them of 666—just in case God would disapprove. 

In extreme cases, people have been known to send back credit cards or license plates just because they contained that number.  Some companies have even received hate mail merely because they made the mistake of incorporating this number sequence into their ads or addresses.  It’s amazing how this one simple, three-digit number can almost cause paranoia in Christian circles.  In fact, there is even a technical term coined to describe those with a fear of the number 666.  It is called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia!

The Imagery of 666

As we observe the New World Order arising in our generation, the Number of the Beast also is being seen frequently as it appears in imagery associated with product names, political groups, organizational names, logos, and in other aspects of advertising or graphics, especially associated with globalism movements, global corporations, the occult, Satanism, certain hard rock or punk rock groups, people who follow the Goth lifestyle, as well as various new age groups or humanist organizations. 

Sometimes the use of the number 666 is immediately obvious in the associated images or logos, but in other instances the number is stylistically hidden within clever graphical designs or it is encoded within words or phrases that can only be revealed using gematria (see previous section).  The trend in recent decades of having the imagery of 666 appear in various aspects of society is becoming more and more pervasive as we move closer to the end.  It is unlikely that this trend is just a coincidence; it is more likely that it indicates a general spirit of 666 arising in the last days, which manifests itself in many different visible forms. 

In some cases, the appearance of 666 is probably not intentional as groups inadvertently create graphical images that have a pseudo 666 hidden within them, which can be seen by imaginative people aware of the prophecies.  Most mainstream organizations would still not blatantly put the imagery of 666 on their products or labels due to a possible Christian backlash, except of course when marketing to the deliberate followers of the dark side.  Nevertheless, the imagery of 666 just seems to appear in society with greater and greater frequency, perhaps stemming from an almost universal subconscious desire to fulfill the prophecies of the last days.

Barcode Technology & 666

Considering the developments in commerce and electronics over the last 50 years, I am convinced that no other generation but ours could have known how the prophecy of the number 666 would be fulfilled.  The technology necessary to bring it to pass simply had not been developed or conceived of before our day.  Therefore, the understanding necessary to interpret John’s prophecy in Revelation wasn’t available until only very recently.  However, in precisely the same time frame that Electronic Funds Transfer and Smart Cards have come on the scene, there has also arisen a concurrent technology at the retail level which will ultimately allow the coming Cashless Society to function smoothly. 

It is this one development that will become the final key to integrating the Mark of the Beast with the Number of the Beast.  This invention also digitally links potential buyers with the items that are for sale in an electronic financial system.  This is important to understand, because in order for the Antichrist’s system to work, digital money must be connected to the digital identification of people and things.  This allows the entire economy to be electronically linked and identified through a system of marks.  This whole scenario as it applies to physical products being sold revolves around something called barcode technology, which is being used to provide each item with its own unique mark, just as the Antichrist will demand that each person receive his or her own unique mark.

Security Permissions Setting 666

The software security measures that have been developed for directory and file permissions on computers and servers connected to the global network may incredibly reveal one of the main applications in which the number 666 will be used in the economy of the Beast.  In fact, it is already being used even before the Antichrist and the Mark arrive.  The security setting sometimes referred to as chmod 666 (chmod means change mode) is a UNIX permissions setting that designates the level of access allowed to protected folders and files.  Derivatives of UNIX (particularly Linux but also the Mac OS X) are the most commonly used operating systems on servers that run the Internet and the World Wide Web today. 

Permission settings are used as part of the server security measures to allow only authorized users to access certain locations in file system hierarchies, especially when connected to the Internet through computers or point of sale (POS) terminals.  When accessing commercial web sites or when using POS terminals in retail stores, the servers that control the processes behind the scenes contain important data to support the web experience and also provide security for electronic buying and selling of goods and services. 

Using the correct security settings will permit access to only those files and information intended to be accessed and nothing else.  As we will see in this section, the security permissions setting 666 will soon be used alongside the Mark of the Beast and the 666-containing EAN/UPC barcode technology to allow a person to participate in electronic buying and selling in a cashless society, precisely as predicted in Revelation 13:18



The Number 666 and the Mark of the Beast


The Number 666

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