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Are You Comfortable Bearing the Mask?

So, you are being told that you MUST or at least absolutely SHOULD be wearing a mask. 

This mask that you are being told you must wear is a mask that:

  • covers your mouth (you use this to talk) and
  • covers your nose (you use this to breathe).  Hmm.

There are two obvious things that wearing the mask will most certainly accomplish:

  1. Stop you from talking (or at least greatly hinder your speech)
  2. Interfere with your breathing.  (you need fresh air for your health)

Why are you complying with this demand?  I can tell you why I am NOT.

You are BEARING the Mask, not simply WEARING it.

More than anything else, more than any other reason you are wearing the mask (if you are), it is because you are cooperating.  You have been told to wear a mask, so you are wearing a mask.  It is that simple, at least that is the most basic reason.

But driving your decision is most certainly this emotion: FEAR. 

Why are you so fearful?  What is it exactly that you fear? Whom do you fear?

  • Fear of Illness or Death: this is a result of IGNORANCE.  Gain some KNOWLEDGE.
  • Fear of People: this is a result of COWARDICE.  Find your COURAGE.
  • Fear of God:  this is a result of spiritual INFLUENCE.  Stand with CONVICTION.


So who am I to declare such a position? 

I am a THINKING person. 

  • I don't believe everything I am told.
  • I don't believe the moon is made of cheese.
  • I don't believe what someone says because they are wearing a white lab coat.

I can think for myself.

  • I use critical thinking skills.
  • I ask questions.
  • I make observations.
  • I come to conclusions.
  • I act upon what I believe.

I am NOT a doctor and I am not in the official sense of the word, a "scientist", but I believe and apply what I was taught in school about science: the scientific method.

  • I'm not stupid.
  • I'm not gullible.
  • I'm not crazy.
  • I'm well educated.
  • I can read and think and evaluate.
  • I am quite sane.

Why Not Just Go Along?  Why Must I Make Waves?  Why Do I Refuse?

1) Because I Refuse to Submit to a Sham

I am a LOVER of truth, so I HATE this lie.

The mask you are being told that you MUST wear is ineffectual for preventing a contagion.  This is my conviction, and I am not alone in this.  There are THOUSANDS of Doctors that agree.  So, it is NOT a matter of whether or not "I believe in science", but the question is "what science" do I believe in?

Which "professional" or "expert" is right?

If you are NOT AWARE of the glaring, multiple problems associated with the OFFICIAL NARRATIVE, you're suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological condition.  It is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

In essence, you are not AWARE of the problems with the prevailing propaganda because you simply CANNOT BELIEVE what you are seeing and hearing, since doing so is nauseating to you.

YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ABOUT THIS.  YOU FEEL IT IN YOUR GUT.  DON'T IGNORE THIS "GUT FEELING".  It is a part of your nervous system that God gave you.


2) Because I Refuse to Reject all Reason

I believe we are best served with a common sense approach.  I think most people, if they were honest with their THINKING and FEELING, would agree that this MASK BEARING MANDATE defies common sense.

I am (as of the writing of this) about 60 years old.  Seasonal illnesses such as what we have been experiencing come and go every year.

We've NEVER been subjected to being told to wear a mask before, so why now?  Is this illness really something so "new"?

The "news" that we are subjected to day in and day out has not been real news for decades.  It is simply political propaganda.

THINK.  Be rational.

3) Because I Refuse to Knowingly Harm my Health

Covering my mouth and nose obviously obstructs me from being able to breathe in the air that God intended that I breathe.

I tried to do some math on this as well.  Why don't you do the same.  Do some research yourself to discover how much carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the air that we breathe, how much carbon dioxide you breathe as a result of wearing a mask, and at what level are you being poisoned by your own exhaust.


After you have had a bowel movement and have purged your intestines, resulting in solid waste being deposited into your toilet, what do you do next?

  1. Flush the toilet? or
  2. Reach into the toilet, grab a turd and start eating it?


If you KNOW it is not healthy for you to eat your own poop, why do you think it is healthy to breathe your own exhaust?


God made your lungs to provide an EXCHANGE of gases.  You breath in the air, it enters your lungs and transfers oxygen to your blood, and then the waste product that proceeds OUT of your lungs is carbon dioxide.

You should NOT be re-breathing this!  It is intended to go OUT of your system and back into the air.  Plants use this.  Plants utilize carbon dioxide.

Plants "inhale" carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen.  Wow.  It is a great system.  We need the oxygen and they need the carbon dioxide.  It is almost as if it some really super-intelligent being (God) designed it this way.

Even if you emotionally REJECT the idea of a Creator, your own priests and prophets (often called scientists) of the religion of Scientism also accept what I have explained above as factual.

Are you a plant?


Every time you breathe in your own exhaust, the concentration level of carbon dioxide increases.  The water vapor that comes out of your mouth and nose when you exhale continues to saturate the inside of your mask, trapping more and more carbon dioxide every time you exhale.

Now, you inhale again and get more and more of your own stale exhaust (POISON) instead of fresh air.

Lose the mask for the sake of your own health!

Anger and Pity and Ignorance

I am angry with the scientific, medical and political patrons that continue to push this HOAX.

I am angry with those that know they are perpetuating a lie and keep wearing a mask because they are pushing a political agenda with it.

I pity the ignorant and fearful people that I see wearing masks, thinking they are either protecting themselves or others, while actually harming their own health, and doing NOTHING to prevent the spread of a contagion to anyone else!

  • The most pitiful of all - seeing them even wearing a mask while they are driving their cars or out walking in public BY THEMSELVES.

There are ignorant people everywhere. 

Ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge or information.  Ignorant people are often LAZY people.  The word "ignorance" has the root of "ignore."  Ignorant people ignore the obvious.  To ignore is to refuse to pay attention.

You don't need to be a doctor or nurse or a scientist to comprehend this, but you must be rational and you do need a teeny little fraction of common sense.  (Refer to #2 above)

By the way, SHAME ON YOU MEDICAL WORKERS for playing along with this DECEPTION!  You KNOW that this is UNHEALTHY.  You KNOW there is NO REASON to be wearing a mask when you are not operating in an acute environment.

If you love those that are under your care, you will tell them the TRUTH and help them get free of this deception.

4) Because I Refuse to Foment False Fear

This entire event is steeped in falsehoods that were used to initialize this "outbreak" and continue to use to try and keep the population AFRAID.

Fearful people are easy to control.

Fear is Natural, But Not Always Rational

The most important question to ask in relation to our fears is "why am I fearful?"

Rational Fear

For example, if you have been on a hike in the mountains and have slipped off the trail and your life is dependent upon your ability to keep your grasp upon a shrub until someone can help you back up to safety, then to be afraid is natural and legitimate. 

If that branch starts to pull out of the side of the sparse mountain soil, it would be natural for you to become extremely fearful, because your life would be in eminent danger.

Irrational Fear

If I am afraid of something that does not actually threaten my health or safety, then that fear is irrational, isn't it?

If I were to live in fear that an airplane was going to fall out of the sky and kill me, would that be rational?  No.  It is possible, but not likely, so I am not in fear of it happening.

My Take on this supposed contagion?

Call it "novel cononavirus" or make it extra scary by giving it a name like "Covid 19", I simply see it most "the flu" or at worst a total sham.

I've contracted the "flu" a few times in my life.  I am aware that there are many people that die from the "flu" every year.

I can accept that there is a sickness (because there always is) and that maybe it is even a contagion (because it may well be), but I don't accept the hype and the response to it.

The response to this sickness is the unnerving part.

The media has been DRIVING this story, distorting the truth, manufacturing absolute lies and pushing FEAR for months now.  It is constant. 

Why?  Think.

I Have NO FEAR of Contracting this Contagion

I have an immune system that was given me by God.  It is working well.  If it was not working, I would have died from something already.

My body has wonderfully designed systems that can take care of an invasion of harmful microbes.

Even if my immune system was compromised, the mask would not help.  It would make it more likely for me to become ill.  This I know.  I value my own health.  I'm not wearing a ridiculous mask.

I Have NO FEAR of Spreading this Contagion

If I were to accept what I have been told and read (straight from the CDC and NIH websites), the aerosol droplets that proceed from talking, coughing or sneezing are so tiny that they fly right through the fibers of the mask.

Research this and do the math yourself.  Just base it upon the numbers that they give you.

Each of these aerosol droplets we are told contain "thousands" of viruses. The difference in size between a bacterium and a virus has been described thus to me by a PhD: "by comparison, a virus can be like a grain of sand on a school bus".


We can see a bacterium through a microscope and OBSERVE it.  The first step in the scientific method is observation.  But the "coronavirus" is so small, we are told, that we can't readily OBSERVE it, even with an electron microscope.  Hmm.

So much for the efficacy of the mask.

Germ Theory

Were you aware that there is a branch of scientific study known as "germ theory".

Why don't you search it out and self-educate?


Use your own mind and discernment.  Not everything you are told is true.  You've got to sort out truth from lies or errors.

Truth, Lies and Errors

To be wrong is to be in error.  If I say, 2 plus 2 equals 5 and I believe it to be true, I would be in error.  I would be wrong, but I would not be a liar.

If I were to say that 2 plus 2 equals 5 and not believe it to be true, but want to try and convince you that it is true, I would be a liar.  (Liars deny what they know to be true or false).

So WHY are YOU Wearing Bearing a Mask?

I have been asking people this DIRECTLY for months.  Just ordinary people, some that I know, but mostly people that I don't know.  Let me give you a quick tally of the answers I have received.  I am listing what I think to be the most frequent answers first.

The sampling group here is small, probably less than 100, so this is only my limited experience.  I wonder if any of these reasons fit you.

Why are you wearing a mask?

  1. I am doing what I am supposed to do. (told to, mandated, just doing what I'm told, these people DO NOT question the mandates, they simply OBEY)
  2. I cannot go to public places unless I wear it. (these people DO question the mandates, but they go along because the signs tell them they MUST)
  3. I don't want to get sick.  (These people think the masks will prevent them from contracting a contagion)
  4. I don't want to be subjected to disapproval. (When I wasn't wearing a mask, people were glaring at me, moving away from me ...)
  5. I'm doing it as a courtesy to others.  (These people don't really accept the efficacy of mask-wearing to prevent the spread of a contagion, but they are wearing it because it makes others feel more comfortable.)

A Strange, Political Divide

According to a Forbes poll, 98% of Democrats vs. 66% of Republicans wear masks as they are told.  It seems there is some politics in this somehow.  Isn't that strange?  Shouldn't it be based upon medical realities rather than political persuasions?


Is Mask-wearing for Health or is it really more about Altruism and Solidarity?

Altruism is the concern for the well-being of others with a disregard of yourself.  In other words, "I'll do it for others even if it harms me, because I am so selfless."

Solidarity is unity of action among individuals with a common interest or goal.

This NIH article proposes that it is about altruism and solidarity.  That is neither health, nor is it science - it is political.

It is like wearing the jersey or cap of your favorite sports team.  It is YOUR team.  You are rooting for them.  You should wear the mask like you would wear a cap or a shirt or put a bumper sticker on your car.

It is like there are two "TEAMS" - the acceptable "mask team" and the deplorable "no masks" team.  Yet another way to divide people.  Hmm.

Wearing face masks in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic: altruism and solidarity

The article is here: 

The Mask of the Beast?  Really?

There is a suspicious, end-times similarity between what is going on with the mandatory wearing of those ridiculous facemasks, (I'm referring to as the mask of the beast) and this Biblical prophecy recorded in Revelation 13:16-17:

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Pay careful attention to these things:

A Specific Prohibition

What is the threat?  Ultimately, if you don't BEAR the required mark, you will DENIED being able to sell anything or buy anything.

The Current Conditions - similarity between the Masks and the Mark

What is happening right now (07/19/2020 at 8:55:54 AM) in the Washington State and other places in our country and around the world?

Masks are Required to Shop

When you are preparing to enter any "compliant" business establishment, you see a notice that you MUST wear a mask in order to enter.  In other words, you CANNOT BUY without the mask.

No huge problem here as long as it doesn't include a necessity, for example: food.  You must eat to live.

Masks are Required to Conduct Business

Businesses are also being told that their personnel MUST wear a mask.  You CANNOT SELL without the mask.


According to the prophecy, what happens if you refuse to BEAR the required mark?  You cannot buy food or sell food, and doing so would mean you were in opposition to the MANDATE.


Universally Applied

The mandate is universal: "all".  There are NO exclusions.  Little people, big people, whether unknowns or celebrities, rich people - poor people, free people and slaves.

Slavery still exists LEGALLY in many countries, in the US it is illegal and it is usually women and children sold into sex slavery and/or Luciferian cults - this is SICK and these are SICK people, but it is nonetheless a reality.

Another form of slavery is EXTREME TAXATION.  If you are working in the USA and you are not a part of the CABAL, you are a SLAVE already.  You have just never THOUGHT about it this way, because most PROGRAMMED AMERICANS simply cannot THINK!

No Buying or Selling Without it

Refusing to "take the mark" carries with it an existential threat.

Alternative "Marks" are Acceptable

There is more than one way you can demonstrate your ALLEGIANCE to the beast.

  • A Mark (on your right hand or forehead)
  • Have his name
  • Have the number of his name

So, you can see that the "mark" is mostly symbolic.  It indicates your alignment with the will of the beast (CABAL, One World Government)

What About the New Vaccine?

It is supposed to be available "at lightening speed" soon!

It's a miracle!  It usually takes years. ... It was already developed, but they want to make it more deceptive by making you think that it is being developed now ... 


It has non-human genetic code in it.  It contains luciferase so the Beast (Cabal) will be able to identify those that have had it OR NOT.

Research this:

Are you Being Prepped to Accept the Mark of the Beast?

Have you ACCEPTED the Mask?

Think of the leverage the Cabal is placing on the world now.  If you want to go out into public, if you want to buy or sell, it you want to travel ... you've got to wear the mask.


Maybe you don't like wearing it.  Maybe you disagree with needing to wear it.  Are you wearing it anyway?

Is there a Hidden Agenda?

No.  You might think that there is, but you would be thinking wrongly.  The agenda is NOT hidden.

Watch Bill Gates' video below.  It is only 2 and a half minutes long.

NOTE: I don't believe any part of this EXCEPT for the part about the RNA (DNA) - which is genetic manipulation.


The video above is embedded on this web page from the Gate's Notes Website:

Cartoons, Falsehoods, Truths, Maybes & Suspicions in Gate's Video


There are no images of the supposed "Covid 19", just toy models and computer generated graphics.  You are being told a story and showed cartoons to make it more believable.

When Gates holds the toy model and states "This is a coronavirus" ... you know that he is not actually holding one.  It is a model ... based upon what?

He tells you that this virus "grabs on" to the cells in your body (he is the narrator for the cartoon you are watching) and this dead thing gets your cell to make billions of copies of itself ... exactly how does it "grab on"?  Does it have hands or claws?

Animation and Animism

What you see in the video above is an ANIMATION of the story of the coronavirus.  You are NOT looking at something that is actually happening under a microscope!  Do you know why you are seeing an animation rather than a real, photographic video?  The answer is they cannot produce it because they have never seen it happen.  It is a theory and that is all.

To attribute life to something that is non-living is a type of animism, which has religious overtones.  This is suspicious.

Scientists' Favorite Theory

The favorite theory of scientists is the theory of evolution.  According to Wikipedia, around 97% of all academic scientists believe in evolution.  (

According to a Gallup 2019 poll, 60% of the US adult population believes in evolution.


"Killing" the "virus".  Hmm.  We have long been told that viruses are NOT living things.  How can you "KILL" something that is NOT alive to begin with?


I'm not afraid of a DEAD grizzly bear, but I would be afraid of one that was ALIVE and was going to attack me.  In order to make you more afraid, they must now "change" the "science" and "preach" to you that the virus is alive.


When you get a vaccine, they are putting something into your body.  You simply don't know what it is.  You BELIEVE it is what they tell you.  (You are demonstrating FAITH in the One World Government!)


They are working on a "new" and "promising" vaccine that is an RNA vaccine.  They are planning on injecting genetic material into your body.

  • They are suggesting something new and different coming to a syringe near you.


There is this "RUSH" to this new vaccine.  It is so URGENT.  Everyone has got to get it.  It has been made apparent that this new vaccine will most likely be the "most promising" one - one that contains genetic material ... which would potentially have the ability to alter the genetics of those receiving it.

Doesn't this trouble you?

But that is not the worst of it.  There is more planned that was not revealed in this video.  Bill Gates has revealed that he is also working on a "digital signature" that will identify whether or not a person has had the shot.

What is this digital signature exactly?  I'm not sure it is knowable yet.

You can search the web to find information, but what you are able to find is being carefully scrutinized and controlled - especially videos, which has become a favorite way to get info with the terrific growth of youtube and other video sharing platforms.


There are tens of thousands of Doctors that are opposing the official (One World Government's) narrative, but they are being silenced.  The internet is being systematically scrubbed of debate on any and all related subjects.


Is President Donald Trump a part of this?  He does not appear to be.  In every appearance, he is fighting this.  However, he may easily be an unwitting AND unwilling participant.  If the CABAL wants DIVISION, they have the perfect man in office to set in OPPOSITION to One World Government.

The CABAL wants us to kill each other.  They think the earth is overpopulated, after all.


Forbes has published this:

Bill Gates Calls For National Tracking System For Coronavirus During Reddit AMA.



The globalists (Bill Gates & Many Other Co-conspirators) are PUSHING for the first WORLD-WIDE, MANDATORY Immunization.

This is not hidden at all.  It is open.  What do you think about this?

Before: I have NEVER Been Opposed to Vaccinations

I'm not trying to argue the virtue or validity of vaccinations, I'm simply revealing my own journey related to this issue, OK?

I've taken the "flu shot" for years.  I don't know if it has helped me or not.  I do know that I have not had "the flu" in years.  I don't know if I would have had "the flu" if I had not received the shot.

I am only one person and don't have a clone handy, so there is no way for me to test whether or not the vaccination is an effective therapy.

Now.  I will NEVER take another immunization.

Why?  I simply do NOT KNOW what is in the syringe.

But don't I trust my doctor?  Yes!  I trust my doctor.  I love my doctor.  I believe my doctor genuinely cares about me as a person and about my health.  I don't believe my doctor would poison me on purpose.  I don't believe he would give me a shot that would harm me in any way on purpose.

But he doesn't know what is in the syringe, either.  He did not make it himself.

The fluid that is in the syringe I think is typically clear - meaning it has no color, at least as far as I can tell.

It could be water.  It could be saline solution.  It could be poison.  It could be an infection.  There is no way for him to know.  He must TRUST whatever it says on the label.

Consider this possibility:

Once you take the coming MANDATORY "IMMUNIZATION", you'll likely be able to have several ways to show that you are compliant.

You won't need that troublesome mask to show you are on board anymore.

The Beast will give you a few options: a mark, a name, a number.  Whatever these are, they show that you are going along with what the Beast has told you to do. 

Is it possible that the "Digital Signature" proposed by Bill Gates or something similar could be the Mark of the Beast?

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