End Times Truth

End Times Truth

Photo: Peter Paul Rubens, The Last Judgement, 1617

End Times Truth is about warning people that the Coming of Christ is near and that we are living in the last days just before His Return.

During our lifetime, Bible predictions concerning the Second Coming have been fulfilled exactly as they were described thousands of years ago. 

Jesus said that we could know that his coming was near if we watched world events and compared them to what was predicted. 

As the prophecies come true before our eyes, we know that we are getting closer to the end.  While it is true that the world is heading toward a judgment day, individuals can escape through knowledge of the truth combined with repentance and faith in Christ (see Escape to Safety).

Additional chapters and sections will be periodically added that discuss the primary prophecies of Christ’s Coming.  The latest parts can be found in the menu selections at the top of each page.  As new parts are incorporated, new posts and front page news stories will also highlight the subjects. 

Eventually, every prediction in the Bible dealing with the Second Coming will be discussed and correlated to major events that are happening in our world today.

At this point, you can download pdf files of any article by using the share buttons at the top left sidebar or below each article on a page and choosing the ‘more’ option followed by the PrintFriendly service in the dialog box that opens. 

You can also share any post or article on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site you may belong to.  Please use this to get the word out about Christ’s soon return!  Ultimately, you will be able to download Bible studies and presentations for teaching about the Second Coming.

It is the goal of End Times Truth to provide all information free of charge with no spam and no scams.  As Jesus told his disciples, “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matt. 10:8).

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