Step by Step by Step


EVENT 201 was the first step.  The "EVENT" was planned.

  • It is NOT hidden: visit their website.
  • They simply don't need to hide, because they are convinced that the time was right to do this.  People will believe everything they say, or not and they will deal with the unbelievers when it is time.

Let's make a "global" pandemic.  We'll FILL the media from international news to national news to state news to local news with virus, virus, virus ... masks, masks, masks.  We will repeat the lies over and over and over and over ... Let's start by forcing everyone to wear a mask in order to buy or sell.  That will be a good start.  Most people will be so afraid for their lives (because they believe everything a white coat says) they will go along.

Let's get them used to the BUY OR SELL part first.  That is no better way to COERCE a population than that.  We'll change the rule from mask wearing to taking our shots later, and they will mostly go along with it.  If they don't, we'll ISOLATE them.

Those that don't go along, we will marginalize.  We'll call them "conspiracy theorists" and everyone knows that they are crazy.  We'll deal with them FIRST when it is time.  People that don't go along will have to be ISOLATED.  They will eventually cave in or ... we'll do whatever we must.  We've GOT to control these sheep.  There are so many!  There are way too many!  We really need to REDUCE the size of our herd.  They have OVERPOPULATED.

We Control ALL of the Media Now

(including our Internet Giants: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon ...)

Here's a good one: let's program google so if anyone enters in any numeral and the word "cases", we will automatically populate the search results with scores of answers.  They won't be able to tell that these are all fabricated stories.  They are sheep, after all.  Or, maybe we could say that they are like very small children and will believe anything we say or show them.

Do the Google Search for New Cases Yourself

It does not matter what numbers you use, you'll get results - LOTS of them!

  • I searched this: "2436 cases" and got this result: 
  • I searched this: "926 cases" and got this result:
  • It does NOT matter how many times you do this or what numeral you enter, you will get pages and pages and pages of results ....

Step by Step by Step ... 

  • Just 15 days to "flatten the curve"
  • Masks only needed for medical workers
  • Everyone wear a mask
  • No group gatherings
  • No religious meetings
  • Open up a bit
  • Close it back down
  • Get used to it, people ... do what your GOD (Godvernment) says
  • Don't need to wear the mask while you are eating at a restaurant
  • Put the mask back on between bites
  • It is best to protect your eyes, too - so wear a mask AND goggles
  • Whatever else the "SCIENTISTS" say ... you will do?

Please Wake Up!

You are being led around like a little lamb.  They do NOT have your best interest in mind.  Do you really TRUST the One World Government Health organization (the WHO).

If you are a Christian and/or you have read the Bible, you KNOW the one world government elements are under the control of the enemy of God.  God's enemy is also your enemy.

Wake up.

Step 2: Take Our VOLUNTARY Vaccination

Is the Mask thing Wearing you Out?

We've got exciting, new, great news!  If you just take this vaccination ...

  • It will protect you from THIS "strain" of Covid
  • We'll tell you about the others later
  • Now, you won't need to bear the mask any longerbecause you have been vaccinated (thank you, little sheep)

You have shown your solidarity by BEARING the mask, now TRUST us and take these injections.  We are doing this for your health and for the overall health and good of all humanity.  We are philanthropists and we are only doing this because we are elevated human beings and we love people, know what's good for mankind.

Why voluntary?  Because more people will be willing to take it that way.  If you make it MANDATORY, you'll make people suspicious.  Let's not do that.  They TRUST us.  Let's make it only VOLUNTARY.

Will it always be Voluntary?

I think it is likely that it will.  You just won't be able to live if you don't take it ... that's all.  (You won't be able to buy or sell)

Step 3: SHOW you are SAFE!

How will others know you've been vaccinated and you are SAFE to be around?

  • We've got a substance called "Luciferase" we've put into the vaccine (it is derived from bioluminescent sea creatures) and it will make you "glow" so our scanners can tell you are SAFE.
    • Don't worry, this is for the SAFETY of ALL mankind - you can TRUST (have faith in us, believe in us).
  • But we've also got these little nanobots included as well.   They can run from your own body's electricity and we can activate them with 5G as well. 
    • Don't worry, this is for the SAFETY of ALL mankind - you can TRUST (have faith in us, believe in us).
  • But we've also got this little Digital Signature as well as an Invisible Quantum Dot Tattoo
  • OK, we CAN also give you a VISIBLE mark that combines the digital signature and quantum dot - so you can then easily show anyone you are SAFE to be around and that you are doing what your Godvernment is telling you to do.


Because once we can CONTROL you we don't have to worry about you talking to others or being in crowds. 

If you take the vaccines we are issuing, you WILL be under our control. 

You will no longer be a regular human.  You'll actually be an upgrade - we're just helping EVOLUTION along a bit.  Don't worry, we will isolate and eliminate everyone that doesn't go along. 

You are SAFE in our hands.  Trust your Godvernment.  There is NO Creator God.  Science (SCIENTISM) is the only true religion.  Science or SCIENTISM is the religion of "Evolution" and we control it Trust us.



Well, now it appears we do have a mark that is connected to the vaccines that are connected to the mask bearing that is connected to the "VIRUS" after all. 

Interesting, Isn't it?

(Image Credit McHugh et al., Science Translational Medicine, 2019)

"For the people overseeing nationwide vaccination initiatives in developing countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when can be a tough task.

But researchers from MIT might have a solution: they've created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it's only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.

In other words, they've found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient's skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper - and their low-risk tracking system could greatly simplify the process of maintaining accurate vaccine records, especially on a larger scale."

Invisible, Quantum Dot Tattoo

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