You are BEARING a Mask - You are NOT Wearing a Mask

You are BEARING a Mask - You are NOT Wearing a Mask

You are BEARING a Mask if you are doing so just because you have been told you must.  After all, you cannot shop if you don't wear it.  You can't go to church without it.  You can't operate your business without it, so you'd better get on board with it!

It doesn't matter WHAT YOU BELIEVE, you MUST BEAR the mask.

"But the Mask is NOT a Mark"

I get that.  But I also get the second part.  If you want to be able to operate your business (sell) - you MUST bear a mask and force your employees to bear a mask and require your customers to bear a mask.  If you want to shop (buy) anything anywhere, you've got to bear the mask.

You are BEARING a Mask - you are NOT WEARING a Mask

Yes, there is a HUGE Difference!  If the mask actually stopped the spread of a contagion, then you could say you are wearing it (as you should).  Just like wearing a mask when you are operating a saw or a grinder or mowing your lawn.  It makes sense to wear a mask when it makes sense to wear a mask.

Sometimes it Makes Sense to Wear a Mask

The mask will stop you from spitting on people.  That is for sure.  If you are my dentist and you've got your mouth over mine and you've got my mouth wide open, I want you to wear a mask. Thank you.

Usually, it Makes No Sense at all to Wear a Mask

Wear the mask when you go to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, but only while you are on your way to your table.  Once you sit down, you can remove it.  Hmm.  For some strange reason, you can no longer communicate this "virus" once you are seated. 

  Instead of the mask, why don't we just keep a beverage with us at all times?  

You cannot buy or sell unless you have a beverage in your hand?

Fill up the Churches!

Just have each person attending bring a cup of coffee or tea with them to sit.  Then, fill every row and forget "social distancing"!  Everyone knows you cannot transmit this "virus" when you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea!

But you are NOT WEARING the MASK, you are BEARING the MASK!

What is it that you cannot live without?

How about food?  You cannot buy food without BEARING a mask.

How about clothing?  You cannot buy clothes without BEARING a mask.

Don't you see, this is a very powerful tool of COERCION.

Should you BEAR a mask?  Do you want to live?  Do you need food and clothes?

Just Accept the Simple Requirement: SHUT UP, BEAR THE MASK and you'll be fine ... for now.


  • The World-wide, One World Government (CABAL) is leading you (little sheep) step by step by step.
  • You have already accepted the LIE of the "PANDEMIC".
  • You have already accepted the "can't buy or sell without it" RULE.
  • What are you going to do when they change the "buy or sell" rule to require that you take a vaccination, or two, or three, or more, or forever ... ?
  • When are you going to draw the line?
  • If you take their diabolical vaccine, you WILL also take the mark.  Don't be deceived.
  • Tap Here and See Where You are Being Led, Step by Step by Step

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